Rdc7tool - Linux Driver for Ricoh RDC-7 Digital Camera



Rdc7tool is a small utility to download pics from Ricohs RDC-7 Digital Camera in usb mode under linux and perhaps some other un*xs. It is written in c++ and uses libusb . Its an old camera but perhaps some more people than me still use it ;-). This camera uses a proprietary serial protocol, similar models may also work with some small changes. This camera is not supported with gphoto, but perhaps this code find its way to gphoto ;-)


Download it here


You need libusb with headerfiles installed proberly on your system.
untar the file: tar xvfz rdc7tool-0.1b.tar.gz and then cd rdc7tool.
Type in make and then make install, that should do it.


rdc-7 [args]
-g: download all pictures from camera
-g <number>: get only one picture
-l: download no pictures, list filenames
-d: debug
-h: print this help message


I am not responsible for data loose of any kind. This software may contain errors, so check your pictures after downloading first before you delete them from the camera!!!


You must set manually whether to download from internal memory or external memorystick. You can not connect to the camera twice, you must always restart the camera before connect to it again.

Report Me:

-Whether this tool works also for you ;-)
-Whether this tool works on other oses than linux (as supported by libusb)
-Whether this works properly on x86 and other archs (I used amd64 to test my programm)
-I'm not a native english speaker. Correct my english if you want.


Report them in the Bugs section: http://sourceforge.net/projects/rdc7tool/


Mail me: bmilde [a-t] users.sourceforge.net
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